21 avril 2012

Pakistan jet crashed killing 127 people

Pakistani civil aviation officials in an interview with the media, on the day of jet crash southern city to Islamabad, Karachi, airliner in the local time when plan 18 50 points in Islamabad international airport to land.

When 18 40 points,  Do you usually wear men gucci low shoes?passenger plane and control center out of touch. A few minutes later, media reports said the plane from the international airport in Islamabad 8 kilometers place crash.

According to preliminary learned that news, it airliner belongs to Pakistan Bhoja Air airlines, flight number for BHO-213, model for the Boeing 737, has more than 30 years of service. Jet including crew members were 127 people, including nine crew (also reported on the passenger plane crash of 131 people).

The witnesses said the bodies of the victims and the wreckage scattered around at the scene of the accident. The rescue workers came, said the plane burst into flames after the crash, the whole plane was completely destroyed, "I want to let you know authentic nfl jerseys. airplane no survival possible." Local police have also confirmed that, "no one can survive the plane that crashed, unless the miracle happen."

Pakistani officials say the plane crash site in a village near Islamabad. The plane caught fire after the crash, lead to the ground about 40 houses on fire and casualties, the ground casualties of the specific situation is not clear.

According to the Pakistan civil aviation authority announced the list of passengers determined primarily, crash plane no Chinese.

Pakistan's media, said the crash may because of the bad weather, landing caused by low visibility. The eent when near Islamabad is the storm. Pakistan's defense minister chaudhry · Do you usually buy authentic nba jerseys online? MuHe mittal has ordered the plane crash in the investigation.

Pakistani police say, passenger plane crash site only 3 kilometers away from highway, emergency crews were already on their way to the crash site, If you know cheap jerseys from china, please contact me and thank you! Pakistan's military also received orders to the airliner crash site rescue. In civil aircraft crashed received news, Islamabad and rawalpindi district adjacent all hospitals are on alert.

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